Ceramics By Fiona

Hi, and thanks so much for coming by. I’m Fiona, the hands and heart behind Ceramics By Fiona. When I say thanks, I really do mean it. High five to you for being open to supporting a small New Zealand business.

I don’t think I was ever really suited to a job behind a desk, I've always been happiest when working in a creative space, but it took me a long time to figure out that where I really belonged was behind the pottery wheel. I first learned to work with clay on my mother’s table. We loved a rainy day at home as kids, as sometimes it meant that mum would hand all five of us a piece of clay to let us fashion whatever treasure we wanted. They were happy days for me, and the memory of them is no doubt the reason pottery brings me so much joy still. 

After spending many a term at night pottery classes and then being given a pottery wheel by my family for Christmas 2019, I was given the push I really needed to ditch my corporate day job in favour of a more rewarding, simple life. Since then I’ve been busy turning a hobby I am passionate about into a livelihood. Most days I am to be found in my Christchurch studio turning lumps of clay into functional but beautiful tableware, pausing sometimes to pull weeds in my vegetable garden, check on the beehives or tend to our menagerie of animals.


Fiona xx